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PCPI and PCPI-Approved Measures

PCPI and PCPI-Approved Measures

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PCPI® and PCPI-Approved Quality Measures

The American Medical Association-convened Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement® (PCPI®) is a driving force in evidence-based clinical performance measurement having been the sole developer or a collaborating party for a portfolio that includes:
  • Measurement sets in 47 clinical areas and preventive care
  • More than 350 individual measures
  • Clinically relevant means for tracking variations in care
  • Guidance and methods that have advanced the science of measure development
AMA-PCPI measures have set the bar for evaluating the quality of care provided by physicians and other healthcare professionals.
Commitment and Partnership
The PCPI is committed to playing a leadership role in the national effort to improve health care. We're committed to supporting physicians and other healthcare professionals as they navigate a changing health care environment.

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