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Readiness Assessment | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Readiness Assessment | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

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TeamSTEPPS® Master Trainer Certification Available Through Web-Based Course

AHRQ’s TeamSTEPPS® training curriculum is available online as an accredited continuing education program, allowing health care providers and staff to become certified as master TeamSTEPPS trainers through a web-based course. TeamSTEPPS is an evidence-based program that aims to improve patient safety through communication and teamwork among health care professionals. Potential master trainers are encouraged to complete the TeamSTEPPS readiness assessmentCreate an account to draft your change plan.
AHRQ--Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Advancing Excellence in Health Care

Readiness Assessment

TeamSTEPPS®: National Implementation

Is Your Organization Ready for TeamSTEPPS?

Answering these questions can help your institution understand its level of readiness to initiate the TeamSTEPPS program. You may find it helpful to have a colleague review your responses or to answer the questions with a larger group (e.g., senior leaders).

Organizational Readiness Assessment Checklist

Record your responses to the questions below:

Organizational Readiness Score

The number of Yes responses you've recorded is: 9-12 out of 12:
This is likely to be a good time to implement TeamSTEPPS within your institution. As you begin the implementation process, make sure you continue to monitor whether the answers to these questions change and keep a close eye on any items to which you answered "no."
The number of Yes responses you've recorded is: 6-8 out of 12
Your responses indicate that your institution may not be ready on one-third to one-half of the factors. This reduces the likelihood that the program will be successful. Take some time to determine if this is the appropriate time to implement TeamSTEPPS. Review the tips and suggestions to enhance readiness and determine if any are appropriate within your institution.
The number of Yes responses you've recorded is: 1-5 out of 12
Based on your responses, significant work is likely needed to raise the readiness level of your institution. Implementing TeamSTEPPS at this time could engender significant risk that it will not succeed or produce the desired results. Consider postponing the implementation process for a few months, and then answer the questions again to determine if any of the factors have changed. Also, review the tips and suggestions for enhancing organizational readiness for ways to enhance your institution's readiness.
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