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Hospital | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Hospital | Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

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The CAHPS Hospital Survey (often referred to as HCAHPS or Hospital CAHPS) asks people about their recent experiences with hospital care.
There are two versions of this survey: one for adults and one for children.
The Adult Hospital Survey is a standardized questionnaire for people 18 and older who have been inpatients in medical, surgical, or obstetric departments. The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is responsible for the implementation of this survey and uses it for both public reporting as well as value-based purchasing. As a result, the survey and all supporting documentation for survey administration are available from CMS at www.hcahpsonline.org Link to Exit Disclaimer; no documentation for this survey can be found on this Web site.
Read about the Adult Hospital Survey.
The Child Hospital Survey is a standardized questionnaire for parents/guardians (referred to as parents) of children 17 and younger who have been inpatients. The Child version asks parents to report on both their child’s inpatient experience and their own experience with their child’s inpatient stay. In contrast to the Adult Hospital Survey, which is implemented by CMS, the Child Hospital Survey is fully supported by AHRQ’s CAHPS User Network.
Read about the Child Hospital Survey.

Get the Hospital Survey and Instructions

Adult Survey: To access the Adult HCAHPS Survey and associated documentation for survey administration, go towww.hcahpsonline.org Link to Exit Disclaimer. From the AHRQ site, you can only download a set of supplemental items designed to be added to the Adult HCAHPS Survey.
Child Survey: You can download the following documents for the Child HCAHPS Survey:
  • The questionnaire for parents of pediatric patients.
  • Guidance on administering the survey and preparing the data for analysis.
  • SAS®-based analysis programs and instructions for analyzing survey results.
  • Guidance on reporting survey results.

Compare Hospital Survey Data

Comparative information for the Adult Hospital Survey is available at the national level as well as for some States and communities.
No comparative information is available for the Child Hospital Survey at this time.

Improve Patients' Experiences with Hospitals

You can use the results of the CAHPS Hospital Survey to identify opportunities for improvement and track progress towards goals. Several resources are available to inform and support the improvement process, including Webcasts, presentations, and case studies. While these resources focus on the Adult Survey, the findings and guidance are generally applicable to the Child version as well.
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Internet Citation: Hospital. Content last updated March 2016. Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, Rockville, MD. http://www.ahrq.gov/cahps/surveys-guidance/hospital/index.html

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