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NIAID Funding News, July 6, 2016

NIH: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

July 6, 2016 NIAID Funding News

Feature Articles 

Get Acquainted With Administrative Supplements

Should there come a time when you unexpectedly need additional funds for your existing grant, you have an option: administrative supplements.

Opportunities and Resources

New Exploratory/Developmental FOA on HIV-1 Provirus Silencing

Is epigenetically silencing HIV-1 proviruses a feasible approach to finding a functional cure for HIV-1 infection? NIAID seeks to find out through a new funding opportunity announcement that is intended to identify new molecules as potentially useful HIV-1 cure agenda therapeutics.

Explore Emerging Science and Technology in Transplantation

If you’re a researcher in transplantation immunology, take note of a new funding opportunity announcement that encourages the application of novel science and technologies.

Understanding Infectious Disease Dynamics With Mathematical Models, Statistical Methods, and Computational Tools

Public health administrators need new and improved methods and computational tools to better understand and respond to emerging and reemerging infectious diseases.

In The News

Fellowship and Small Business Opportunities Reissued, F30 Award Split

If you plan to apply for a fellowship or small business award, be sure you respond to the recently reissued versions of the funding opportunity announcements.

News Briefs

Advice Corner

Changing Institutions? A Quick Refresher to Make a Smooth Transition

Remember, grants are awarded to institutions, so when you leave, your institution must agree to relinquish the grant before you can take it with you.

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