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MercatorNet | June 6, 2017 |

June 6, 2017
Conducting a rational argument about sensitive issues is getting harder and harder. Take Islam and same-sex marriage. Fanatical Muslims in London struck again over the weekend, killing pedestrians with a speeding car and then hacking to death as many as they could. (See the article below.) Their minds have shut down to all rational discourse; no arguments will convince them; no words will provoke them to question their world view. 
Similarly, as Australian tennis legend Margaret Court has learned over the past few days, many supporters of same-sex marriage have the same mental habits. They are not interested in debate; they slip automatically into vilification. It reminds me of nothing so much as the Moscow Show Trials of the 1930s, in which the accused were automatically found guilty and were subjected to the scabrous and absurd abuse. See our feature below

Michael Cook 

Tried in the court of Twitter
By Michael Cook
Tennis legend Margaret Court is being crucified for opposing same-sex marriage
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Way of the Warrior Kid
By Harley J. Sims
Boys deserve a better primer than a guide to hero worship
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Largest Japanese population decline on record
By Shannon Roberts
Births fall below 1 million for the first time since 1899.
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Britain needs to tackle uncomfortable questions
By Bill Durodie
The PM says 'enough is enough' -- but what does that mean?
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How gender became political, and the political became personal
By Wayne J. Ottenbreit
One family’s engagement with the new identity culture.
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Senator Sasse has questions and answers about freedom and virtue
By Sheila Liaugminas
Now that his provocative new book is out, more people are noticing.
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‘Why I am a Jew’
By Michael Cook
A leading British rabbi explains his faith in a short animated video
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The Lego Batman Movie
By Rachele Mocchetti
Action, humour, and unrelenting self-irony.
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Facebook enters the population mapping game
By Marcus Roberts
Does this mean census forms are a thing of the past?
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Grandmother bridges generation gap
By Jennifer Minicus
Henry likes to take his time.
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A Christian abortion doctor? On the ignorance, arrogance, and violence of the Pro-Choice cause
By Charles K. Bellinger
An abortion doctor's inadequate apologia.
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The engagement ring loses its sparkle
By Helena Adeloju
Whoever said 'Diamonds are forever' hadn't reckoned with the millennials.
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