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MercatorNet: Turning your job into a game. MercatorNet editor's new novel | MercatorNet | June 14, 2017 |

| MercatorNet | June 14, 2017 |

June 14, 2017
There’s something addictive about games. Not chess or baseball. They’re games, too, but not addictive in the physical craving-for-the-next-hit sense. I mean the slot machine model of games, which has been imitated by social media. More and more, companies – and governments – are experimenting with engineering our behaviour.
Heather Zeiger, in today’s fascinating lead story, uses Uber, the ride-hailing company, as an example. To get its drivers to work more so that customers will always get picked up quickly, it gives them worthless non-cash incentives to go the extra mile at work. And people respond. Is that creepy, or what? 

Michael Cook

Turning life into a game
By Heather Zeiger
Marketers are trying to make life easier by borrowing techniques from the gaming industry
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To Create a World
By Carolyn Moynihan
A debut fantasy novel with a classical theme and spiritual insight, by our Associate Editor
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A call for moral toughness in an age of amoral niceness
By Eric Cohen
Jews and Christians should work together to reassert the moral high ground of Judaeo-Christian civilization.
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‘A possession for all time’: the first and greatest history book
By Julia Kindt
Thucydides’s History of the Peloponnesian War remains unsurpassed as a study of politics and human nature
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Weapons of mass distraction
By Tony Rao
Social media can be as damaging as drinking and drugs for Millennials
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When gender is in question, Mx is the best match
By Peter C. DeMarco
It allows respectful ambiguity on both sides.
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Powerful commercial interests are backing prenatal genetic screening
By Philippa Taylor
How much will parents pay for the perfect baby or a baby of the right sex?
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Children’s books nobody can afford to miss
By Susan Reibel Moore
After their mother abandons them, four children journey on foot to their grandmother's home.
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Don’t push population control on Africa
By Shannon Roberts
The continent needs employment, not pills.
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