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10/20/ 2017


Transsexual quality of life.Negative effects of hormone therapy (blocking), and sex reassignment surgery are undervalued when informed consent is done

Transsexuality current treatment. We must try to look for a new solution

Are medical solutions affected more for ideological reasons than for medical evidences? In March this year, professor of psychiatry, Stephen B. Levine addressed several aspects of this sexual condition…
Mentally disabled and contraceptives Is it ethical their use. What are the necessary conditions to use them and which could be the better contraceptive?

Contraception in mentally disabled people. Moral assessment

When we refer to serious mentally disabled persons, we are not referring to any other situation or condition of disability. In our opinion, the first thing that should be specified is three specific circumstances: North American figures To determine the degree of disability of the young person, to have reliable evidence that …


Cadavers dissolution are rising ethical debate in UK Many consider that the remains of their “loved ones” are being treated “as if they were “waste”

Chemical dissolution of cadavers as an alternative to burial and cremation?

Many consider that the remains of their “loved ones” are being treated “as if they were “waste” by this technique. Alkaline hydrolysis is a new method, developed in the United Kingdom, which hopes to consolidate itself as an “ecological” alternative to burial and cremation… Read more.

International medical organizations against euthanasia

"However, permitting physicians to engage in euthanasia would ultimately cause more harm than good."  3 leading international organization in the area of medicine and palliative care has declared that they are against euthanasia… Read more.
Specialists are warning that the ethical of human gametes produced in vitro would be better debate now their ethical viability

Possible production of children from artificial gamets. In vitro gametogenesis ethical problems

Breakthrough raises call for debate over prospect of artificial human eggs. A new technical procedure, in vitro gametogenesis, is blazing a trail among new technologies. It basically consists of deriving … Read more.

Tattoos and everlasting make-up for everyone: a safe technique?

Appears to be necessary make a well-informed and responsible autonomous decision before tattoos A recent study published in the journal Scientific Reports (see HERE) has shown that the pigments used in tattoos can be detected in the regional lymph nodes, structures related with the immune system. Using complex detection techniques, the authors were able to identify organic pigments, heavy metals …
genome sequencing in healthy persons

Could genome sequencing in healthy persons create "sick patients for life"?

The genome sequencing in healthy persons can be useful, provided that such information is handled with the necessary confidentiality and used with the medical and ethical caution required The journal Annals of Internal Medicine published… Read more.

Mitochondrial transfer clinic opens its doors when several safety issues remain unclear

This tecnique include, in all its applications, generating of new individuals in vitro, who will only be implanted in their mothers if they are healthy and, if not, they will be discarded The first clinic offering mitochondrial transfer techniques, called Darwin Life, has been founded by John Zhang, who led the team involved in the birth of one of the …
Pregnancy rate for ivf are not improving in Eurpean clinics

Latest data on assisted reproduction. Pregnancy rate  has not improved

Overall, the pregnancy rate for IVF  has not improved, it is around 35% The 33rd Annual Meeting of the European Society for Human Reproduction and Embryology has just been held in Geneva, … Read more.


Transsexual (female-to-male) dies after sex reassignment hysterectomy of sepsis A risk that must be considered before undergoing sex reassignment surgery

Transsexual kid dies after sex reassignment surgery

A risk that must be considered  before undergoing sex reassignment hysterectomy with a complete information of the major surgery and irreversible sterilization the procedure includes… Read more.

 Teenagers who continue their pregnancy reduce their suicide risk by 50%

Psychological and social support may prevent the suicides, also the study concludes abortion in teenager…
iPS cells new applications Now allowing researchers to know more in detail the mechanism of action of diseases as these relevant finding on Parkinson

iPS cells are also used to gain in depth knowledge of Parkinson diseases 

It has now been reported that iPS cells have been produced from patients with the p.A53T deficiency, …

How does psychological maternal stress during pregnancy affect newborns?

Study shows maternal stress affects son longevity in adulthood.  An article published in PNAS has assessed how the death of the father during… Read more.
Blood diseases treatment possible improvement. New technique could generate abundant blood cells to be transplanted in a sufficient amount in patients

First major step in the treatment of blood diseases from adult cells

Researchers at Weill Cornell Medicine  have developed an innovative method for obtaining blood cells. Abundant blood cells can be generated to be transplanted… Read more.

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