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CMS Updates eCQM Package with Corrected Flu Vaccine Measure

CMS Updates eCQM Package with Corrected Flu Vaccine Measure

Influenza Vaccination Measure Updated

CMS corrected a logic error in the Influenza Immunization eCQM (CMS147v3) that was included in June’s eligible professional annual update for the 2015 reporting year. The corrected measure, CMS147v4, is reflected in a new measure package and measure table now available in USHIK. The previous version, CMS147v3, will no longer be valid for 2015 reporting.
An updated Measure Logic Guidance document (v1.9) which reflects this change has been posted to the CMS eCQM Library page. Value sets for this measure remain unchanged and the VSAC has been updated to reflect the new version number for this measure.
About the Update:

CMS147v3 provides two options for meeting the numerator. An influenza vaccination must be recorded during the flu season, either before the (calendar year) measurement period or during the measurement period. In the 2014 annual update, a logic error was introduced such that both conditions must be met for numerator compliance.  This error has been corrected and is reflected in newly posted measure specifications.

Reporting Information:

Note, all measures included in the June 2014 eCQM Annual Update are used for eReporting in reporting period 2015. These cannot be used for electronic reporting until the 2015 reporting period.

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