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Webinar Announcement: MONAHRQ 5.0 Update and Trending Discussion

Webinar Announcement: MONAHRQ 5.0 Update and Trending Discussion

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Webinar Announcement: Updated Version of MONAHRQ 5.0 and Discussion about Future Trending Reports

Save the Date! The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality (AHRQ) is pleased to announce a webinar on August 20th that will feature a demo of the soon-to-be-released, updated version of MONAHRQ 5.0.  This will be followed by a discussion about possible trending reports that could be generated in future versions of MONAHRQ and gather your input on what types of trending would be most helpful to you and your audiences.  If you have an interest in creating trend reports – please be sure to join us for this discussion!
Webinar Information: MONAHRQ 5.0 Updates and Discussion about Adding Trend Reports to MONAHRQ on August 20th from 2:30 to 3:30 PM (EST).  Conference dial-in number: (800) 503-2899access number: 747 4625.  Please register here (full link provided below). 
For now, you can go to to learn more about MONAHRQ 5.0, and how to get started  or upgrade from a previous version of MONAHRQ.  Note: The new version of MONAHRQ 5.0 will be released several days before the webinar.
If you want to talk with a member of the MONAHRQ team for any reason, please contact us
Additional Updated Version of MONAHRQ 5.0 and Trending Discussion Details:
New Version of MONAHRQ 5.0  The updated MONAHRQ 5.0 software features the following important enhancements:
  • 13 additional CMS Hospital Compare measures
  • Ability to report aggregate Inpatient Discharge information using custom regions, in addition to reports by county
  • Updated data within MONAHRQ: data used for benchmarking; the May 2014 Hospital Compare dataset; and base information including Census data, ZIP codes, Clinical Classification System, and regional definitions from the Dartmouth Atlas Improved methodology to calculate the ratings that appear as “above”, “below” or “average”
  • Easier way to map data elements within MONAHRQ using a drag-and-drop approach
  • Plain language definitions and descriptions added to the cost-related content of consumer-focused websites generated by MONAHRQ

These enhancements build on the new features in MONAHRQ 5.0, a major redesign with improvements that span all aspects of the software, including a faster, intuitive website building wizard, new data sources, improved user interface, and redesigned reports. If you use an older version of MONAHRQ, it is easy to change to MONAHRQ 5.0. And if you haven’t begun using MONAHRQ, it’s a great time to start!
Trending Discussion  The trending discussion will discuss the current options for comparing data across performance periods, new tending capabilities that we are planned for future versions, and most importantly gather your input on how best the MONAHRQ team can develop trending features in the software (e.g. what trending reports would be most helpful, how you would expect trending results to be used).
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