jueves, 7 de mayo de 2015

Recognizing Our Nation’s Nurses

Dept. of Health & Human Services
May 06, 2015
By: Dr. Mary K. Wakefield, HHS Acting Deputy Secretary
When I was in high school, I worked at a small rural hospital and a nursing home in my hometown of Devils Lake, North Dakota. That was when I first became aware of how important nurses’ roles were. Decades before health care reform, the nurses I looked up to were always stepping in to coordinate care and stepping up to ensure care quality. They were the heart of the hospital, whether they were assessing patients, providing wound care, or holding the hand of an anxious family member.
Nurses today are still the heart of our health care. And I want to take the opportunity of National Nurses Week, today through May 12, to thank and celebrate all nurses for the vital work they do on behalf of the health and well-being of patients, their families and their communities.
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