jueves, 2 de julio de 2015

#ACAIsHereToStay: Reaction from Around the Country

Dept. of Health & Human Services
Last week, the Supreme Court of the United States upheld a critical part of the Affordable Care Act, confirming that the law’s tax credits are available to all eligible Americans no matter where they live. Americans in all 50 states and the District of Columbia can continue to rely on the security and peace of mind that comes with affordable, quality health care coverage.
Affordable Care Act. Tax credits are still available to millions of Americans. Time to move forward. HealthCare.gov.
Thursday’s ruling means more than 6 million Americans and their families will sleep easier knowing they will still be able to afford health coverage. Here are some of the reactions to Thursday’s ruling from people around the country who have been impacted by this law:
“No words can express the overwhelming joy I have after hearing the news that I and millions of Americans can keep our coverage. After battling stomach cancer, I now know that people are their happiest when they are their healthiest, physically and mentally. Access to affordable healthcare isn't a privilege. It's a right. It's a human right when health is at risk and lives are stake.”
—Anne Ha of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, who thought she was too healthy for health insurance but got a Marketplace plan at her mother’s urging and then learned she had stomach cancer.
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