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ACA’s Sixth Anniversary: Getting Covered Allowed Her to Branch Out

Dept. of Health & Human Services
March 25, 2016
By: Jessica Pinsky, Cleveland, Ohio
I come from a family of doctors, so being uninsured is not an option.  It seems that every conversation around the dinner table in my life has included: “How’s your health? Are you being responsible about it?”
There came a time when I wanted to leave my job as a full-time instructor at the Cleveland Institute of Art and create the Praxis Fiber Workshop to provide weaving instruction to Institute students and the community. I had to think about how I could get health insurance. It was a big risk to quit my job with its health benefits and pursue this business.
Knowing I could get health coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace and the Affordable Care Act, made that decision easier.
I signed up for coverage over the phone; it was simple for me. I currently pay a premium of $186 a month after the tax credits, with a $20 copay for regular doctor visits and $50 copay to see a specialist. My deductible is about $1,000. My premium costs are somewhat more than what I paid at my job, but my Marketplace coverage is still very affordable—and it’s let me pursue my dream work.
I’m one of the 20 million Americans who have gained coverage because of the Affordable Care Act.
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