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CAHPS Research Projects Span Multiple Topics | cahps.ahrq.gov

CAHPS Research Projects Span Multiple Topics | cahps.ahrq.gov

AHRQ--Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality: Advancing Excellence in Health Care

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For 20 years, AHRQ’s CAHPS Consortium has served as the “R&D engine” for the CAHPS initiative, which has led to the development and use of patient experience of care surveys in over a dozen settings of care. Currently, CAHPS researchers are involved in a variety of studies to:
  • Identify ways to improve the usefulness and practicality of the surveys.
  • Develop better ways to provide consumers with useful information about patient experience and other aspects of health care quality.
  • Assess and support the use of CAHPS surveys to improve patient experience.
To keep CAHPS survey users, researchers, and others up-to-date on the work of the CAHPS Consortium, AHRQ has published the following summaries of ongoing research projects:
  • The Maintenance and Updating of CAHPS Survey Instruments ( PDF [ PDF file - 169.29 KB] )
  • Improving the Efficiency of CAHPS Survey Administration PDF [ PDF file - 185.56 KB]
  • Alignment of CAHPS Ambulatory Care Surveys PDF [ PDF file - 171.82 KB] )
  • A Scientific Approach to Eliciting Patient Narratives ( PDF [ PDF file - 177.71 KB] )
  • Reporting Patient Narratives with Standardized Measures of Quality ( PDF [ PDF file - 166.02 KB] )
  • Reporting Summary Scores for CAHPS and Other Measures of Quality ( PDF [ PDF file - 162.62 KB] )
  • The CAHPS Ambulatory Care Improvement Guide ( PDF [ PDF file - 156.45 KB] )
  • Impact of Patient-Centered Medical Home Transformation on Patient Experience  PDF [ PDF file - 166.95 KB] )
  • Using Patient Experience Information in Hospitals:  A Survey of Hospital Quality Leaders ( PDF [ PDF file - 160.83 KB] )
  • Effect of a Nurse Care Coordination Program on Quality of Care ( PDF [ PDF file - 152.07 KB] )

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