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FDA Office of Minority Health Launches New Podcast Series

FDA Office of Minority Health Launches New Podcast Series

FDA Office of Minority Health (OMH) has launched a new podcast series to discuss minority health issues and the ways in which FDA OMH is working to reduce health disparities. In honor of National Minority Health Month, we joined forces with FDA's Office of Health and Constituent Affairs (OHCA) and brought together three U.S. Army Veterans - Retired Command Sergeant Major Zulma Santiago, Retired Staff Sergeant Quinyardo McClain, and United States Army Reserve First Sergeant Javier Chavez  - to talk about the importance of having veterans participate in clinical trials.

During their candid conversation, the veterans discussed their experiences in clinical trials and why they chose to participate in FDA OMH's podcast and public service announcement (PSA) videos. They also explained why it is important for our nation's veterans and active service members to learn more about clinical trial participation. Veterans can face unique health challenges, and diverse participants are needed in clinical trials to ensure that medical products, like medications, vaccines, and devices are safe and effective for everyone.

You can listen to the podcast here and you can watch the PSA videos featuring Retired Command Sergeant Santiago and Retired Staff Sergeant McMclain on YouTube. You can also support us by promoting the podcast with the social media messages below.


Celebrate #NMHM18 by listening to @FDAOMH's new podcast series. The first episode features a discussion on veterans and clinical trials.

Listen to the first episode of @FDAOMH's new podcast series as three military veterans discuss why diverse participants, like vets, are needed in clinical trials. #NMHM18


Learn why diversity in clinical research is important by listening to FDA Office of Minority Health's new podcast featuring U.S. Army veterans discussing clinical trials. #NMHM18

FDA Office of Minority Health recently launched a new podcast series and you can listen to the first episode, "Veterans and Clinical Trials," here:

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