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Genomic Implementation|Genomics|CDC

Genomic Implementation|Genomics|CDC

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Genomics Implementation

Fact Sheet: Implementing Evidence-based Genomic Tests and Family Health History[PDF 1.04 MB]

What public health can do now in human genomics to save lives and improve health

This page summarizes current information on genomic applications that are ready to be integrated into public health practice to save lives, improve health and quality of life. The focus at this time is on three Tier I applications: Hereditary Breast/Ovarian Cancer Syndrome, Lynch Syndrome and Familial Hypercholesterolemia, but information about other Tier I applications will be added in the near future. The page includes information about completed and ongoing projects spearheaded by state health departments and their partners, and recommendations from evidence based groups which can be applied at the state or local level. Please contact us at if you are aware of a statewide or other project not currently included which should be highlighted on this page.
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