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Global Health Research and Policy | ICSH 2018 Wuhan

Global Health Research and Policy | ICSH 2018 Wuhan


ICSH 2018 Wuhan

International Conference for Smart Health 2018 Call for Papers

Advances in informatics have led to new opportunities and challenges in healthcare research and applications. There is an increased effort to leverage information systems and data analytics to transform reactive care to proactive and preventive care, clinic-centric practice to patient-centered practice, training-based interventions to globally aggregated evidence, and episodic response to continuous well-being monitoring and maintenance.
International Conference for Smart Health (ICSH), originated in 2013, intends to provide a forum for the growing international smart health research community to discuss the technical, practical, economic, behavioral, and social issues associated with smart health. The 6th International Conference for Smart Health (ICSH 2018) will be hosted by Wuhan University in Wuhan, China on July 2 - July 3, 2018. ICSH 2018 welcomes studies on the principles, approaches, models, frameworks, new applications, and effects of using novel information technology to address healthcare problems and improve social welfare.


The conference proceedings will be published by Springer Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS). Extended versions of selected papers will be considered for publication by Global Health Research and Policy (GHRP).


Topics of Interest:


I. Information Systems for Clinical Practice and Training
  • EHR Application & Integration
  • Computer-aided Diagnosis
  • Visual Analytics for Healthcare
  • Telehealth Applications
  • IS for Mental Healthcare
  • IS for Patient-centered & Evidence-based Care
  • Virtual Patient Modeling for Training
  • Innovative Design of New Health Information Systems and Clinical Decision Support Tool
II. Clinical and Medical Data Modeling & Analytics
  • Disease Profiling and Precision Medicine
  • Healthcare Predictive Modeling & Patient Support
  • Text Mining for EHR and Clinical Unstructured Data
  • Information Retrieval for Healthcare Applications
  • Pharmacy Informatics Systems & Drug Discovery
  • Side-effect & Drug Interaction
  • Medical Data Management
  • Data Standards (FHIR, inter-operability, etc.) & Healthcare IT
  • Disease Surveillance & Epidemics Forecasting/Intervention
  • Prediction of Emergent Events with Healthcare Impacts
III. Community, Social Media, and Knowledge Management
  • Online Patient Communities
  • Online/offline Support Groups
  • IS for Patient Education, Learning and Involvement
  • Role of IS in Patient Data Generation/Collection
  • Healthcare Knowledge Classification and Summarization
  • Health Information Needs, Seeking, Sharing, & Use
  • Social media applications
IV. Smart/Mobile Devices for Healthcare
  • Assistive Devices for Individuals with Special Needs
  • Mobile / Wearable Devices in Wellness
  • Intelligent Medical Devices & Sensors
  • Continuous Monitoring & Streaming Technologies for Healthcare
  • Virtual & Augmented Reality for Healthcare
  • Computer Support for Surgical Intervention
  • Localized Data for Improving Emergency Care
  • Smart Devices for Healthy Life Styles and Better Self-care
V. Management of Smart Health Systems
  • Adoption and Use of Clinical Decision Support
  • Adoption and Management of Smart Health Devices
  • Healthcare Workflow Management
  • Real-time Analytics & Optimization in Healthcare Operations
  • Managing the Use of Health IT by Care Providers
  • Privacy, Security & Trust Issues in Health System Use
  • Data Quality of Clinical & Patient-generated Data
VI. Smart Health Business, Social, and Economic Issues
  • ICT & Health
  • Patient & Physician Engagement & Relationships under IT
  • Impact of Health IT on Small & Rural Communities
  • Impact & Management of IT on Healthcare Access, Costs, Delivery, & Outcomes
  • Accountable Smart Health, Reporting, Pricing, & Auditing
  • Value-based Care & Care Pricing Models
  • New Business Models for Healthcare IT
  • Population Health Management - Clinical & Financial impact
  • Impact of New HIPAA Guidelines on Privacy and Security
  • Meta-studies of Community, National & International Programs


Important Dates:

Paper Submission: Apr 1, 2018             
Acceptance: Apr 26, 2018;               
Conference Dates: Jul 2 - 3, 2018

Submission Instruction:

Submissions are in English and follow the Springer LNCS paper templates. Please see the detailed information via http://2018.icshconf.org/submission/.
If you have any question about your submission or other issues, please feel free contact us through Email: icsh2018@126.com

Conference Co-Chair:

Hsinchun Chen, University of Arizona, and Tsinghua University
Qing Fang, Wuhan University
Daniel Zeng, University of Arizona, and Chinese Academy of Sciences

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