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The COMET Handbook: version 1.0 | Trials | Full Text

The COMET Handbook: version 1.0 | Trials | Full Text

The COMET Handbook: version 1.0

  • Paula R. WilliamsonEmail author,
  • Douglas G. Altman,
  • Heather Bagley,
  • Karen L. Barnes,
  • Jane M. Blazeby,
  • Sara T. Brookes,
  • Mike Clarke,
  • Elizabeth Gargon,
  • Sarah Gorst,
  • Nicola Harman,
  • Jamie J. Kirkham,
  • Angus McNair,
  • Cecilia A. C. Prinsen,
  • Jochen Schmitt,
  • Caroline B. Terwee and
  • Bridget Young
Trials201718(Suppl 3):280
Published: 20 June 2017


The selection of appropriate outcomes is crucial when designing clinical trials in order to compare the effects of different interventions directly. For the findings to influence policy and practice, the outcomes need to be relevant and important to key stakeholders including patients and the public, health care professionals and others making decisions about health care. It is now widely acknowledged that insufficient attention has been paid to the choice of outcomes measured in clinical trials. Researchers are increasingly addressing this issue through the development and use of a core outcome set, an agreed standardised collection of outcomes which should be measured and reported, as a minimum, in all trials for a specific clinical area.
Accumulating work in this area has identified the need for guidance on the development, implementation, evaluation and updating of core outcome sets. This Handbook, developed by the COMET Initiative, brings together current thinking and methodological research regarding those issues. We recommend a four-step process to develop a core outcome set. The aim is to update the contents of the Handbook as further research is identified.


Core outcome setClinical trialCOMET InitiativePatients and the public

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