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Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act | HealthCare.gov

Health Insurance Marketplace, Affordable Care Act | HealthCare.gov

Dept. of Health & Human Services

Like most folks, Ruth Ann Conley never expected that her life could turn upside down so quickly. A divorce. A bad economy. She got laid off, and she lost her home. And then she learned health insurance would cost her more than $400 a month, which she couldn’t afford.

She now works as a barber in Huntsville, Alabama, and travels every weekend to sing with J. Curly Speegle and The Deal at a Nashville blues club. Her jobs don’t offer health benefits, so Ruth Ann, 53, has been without coverage since 2008.

Ruth Ann didn’t see any hope, even when her boss posted a sheet about the Health Insurance Marketplace. Her friends and colleagues had been negative about the Affordable Care Act, and she was skeptical.

But she reluctantly looked at the information and finally did her own research. She found that with financial assistance available through the Marketplace, she could enroll in a silver plan for only $54 a month.

If you, like Ruth Ann, were without insurance for a long time, check out these resources to help you understand your benefits and make the most of your health coverage.

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