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MMWR Vol. 63 / Early Release

MMWR Vol. 63 / Early Release

MMWR Early Release
Vol. 63, Early Release
July 1, 2014

In this report

Vital Signs: Variation Among States in Prescribing of Opioid Pain Relievers and Benzodiazepines — United States, 2012
Leonard J. Paulozzi, MD, Karin A. Mack, PhD, Jason M. Hockenberry, PhD.
MMWR 2014;63:1–6

Overprescribing of opioid pain relievers (OPR) can result in multiple adverse health outcomes, including fatal overdoses. Interstate variation in rates of prescribing OPR and other prescription drugs prone to abuse, such as benzodiazepines, might indicate areas where prescribing patterns need further evaluation. CDC analyzed a commercial database (IMS Health) to assess the potential for improved prescribing of OPR and other drugs. This report summarizes the results of that analysis.

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