lunes, 19 de junio de 2017

ISID Short Term Exchange Program (STEP)

Dear Colleagues,

ISID is pleased to announce the launch of a new fellowship program called STEP (Short Term Exchange Program). The STEP program is a short term (range 2 to 4 months) clinical infectious diseases trainee exchange program to enable Infectious Diseases fellows to get training in select academic programs outside of their own and to transfer that expertise to their home institution. The pilot program will support fellows to rotate to a Training Program within their region. South America was selected for the pilot to coincide with the 18th ICID that will be held in Argentina in March 2018.
Infectious Diseases trainees represent the future for clinical and translational research progress in the field. Exposure of trainees to different realities out of their country during their training period has several foreseeable advantages for the individual and for the clinical and research development of the field. In a world with increasing international mobility, where outbreaks that begin in the most remote parts of the world spread swiftly to urban centers in countries far away, rapid recognition, response and international collaboration have become essential global health priorities. It is therefore crucial that the newer generation of ID specialists should have an understanding of diverse infections that may not be prevalent in their communities, become promoters of international collaborations, multinational clinical and/or translational research initiatives and become members of regional ID networks.
The STEP Program aligns with ISID's mission of:
  • Increasing the knowledge base of infectious diseases through research and enhancing the professional development of individuals in this discipline
  • Extending and transferring knowledge in infectious diseases, public health and microbiology
  • Creating and fostering partnerships for the control and cost-effective management of infectious diseases around the world
Funding will be provided for 2 to 4 months and up to US $5,000.
Investigators 40 years of age or younger who are trainees (fellows) in a clinical adult or pediatric infectious diseases program in Latin America proposing to rotate to an academic center outside of their country in Latin America.
The annual deadline for applications is September 15.
For more information on how to apply for the Exchange Program please see:
Best regards,
Miguel O'Ryan MD
Chair, ISID External Affairs Committee
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9 Babcock St., Unit 3
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