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NIOSH Research Rounds - April, 2018

NIOSH Research Rounds - April, 2018


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NIOSH Research Rounds is Brought to You By:
  • John Howard, M.D., Director
  • Christina Spring, Editor in Chief
  • Anne Blank, Story Editor
  • Jeanette Novakovich, Copy Editor
  • Glenn Doyle, Technical Lead
  • Tonya White, Technical Support

Inside NIOSH:
Falls Persistent Cause of Work-related Death

Falls remain a persistent cause of work-related death, and workers in construction and oil and gas extraction are more likely than other workers to die from falling, according to NIOSH research published in the American Journal of Industrial Medicine.

Obesity, Physical Inactivity, or Short Sleep Affect 1 in 5 Workers

Short sleep, obesity, and physical inactivity occur frequently among workers, affecting more than one in five, according to a recent NIOSH study published in the Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine.

Freestanding Mast-climbing Work Platform Remains Stable During Fall Arrest, If Properly Used

If you have seen a construction site recently, you may have noticed workers standing on elevated equipment that resembles scaffolding, except with only one platform level for workers. With its ship-like mast, this equipment is aptly called a mast-climbing work platform, or mast climber for short.

Outside NIOSH:
Global Navigation Satellite Systems Aid Communication, Awareness in Logging

With the first satellite launch in the late 70s, the U.S. global positioning system (GPS) expanded our technological boundaries. Today’s global navigation satellite systems (GNSS) include GPS and newer, similar systems that transmit location and time information from satellites in space to receivers on Earth.

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