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HHS Releases 2014 Annual Progress Report on National Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care



National Quality Strategy Annual Progress Report

This week, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services 
(HHS) released the 2014 Annual Progress Report on the National 
Strategy for Quality Improvement in Health Care. The National 
Quality Strategy is an initiative led by the Agency for Healthcare 
Research and Quality (AHRQ) on behalf of HHS. To review the 
Annual Progress Report, click here.

In coordination with the publication of the National Quality
Strategy Annual Progress Report, AHRQ also released an
update on more than 200 health care quality and access
measures for each State and the District of Columbia, known
as State Snapshots, which can be analyzed by type of care,
treatment setting, clinical condition, insurance status, race,
and income. State Snapshots data come from the 2013
National Healthcare Quality Report and National Healthcare
Disparities Report, which together comprise the Nation’s most
complete source of data on the use of health care and health
insurance coverage. Trend data for most measures span from
2000–2002 to 2010–2011.
For more information about the National Quality Strategy,
go to Working for Quality. To learn more about how your
organization can put the NQS priorities into action, download
stakeholder toolkit.

This year’s report highlights:
Priorities in Action: The National Quality Strategy’s
Priorities in Action series captures the vision and
motivation of organizations that have put the strategy’s
aims and priorities into practice and attained tangible
results. This report highlights selected communities,
health systems, and organizations that have shown
improvement in each of the six priority areas and
illustrates how their successes demonstrate the
potential impact of National Quality Strategy
Federal and State Quality Improvement Efforts:
Federal and State governments are using the
National Quality Strategy as a framework for
quality improvement. Multiple HHS Agencies, s
uch as the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid
Services, are using the National Quality Strategy
aims and priorities as a foundation to develop their
own quality improvement strategies.
Measurement Updates: In 2014, National Quality
Strategy stakeholders responded to the need to
coordinate and align currently used measures by
pursuing measure harmonization and alignment
efforts that include the HHS Measurement Policy
Council and private multi-stakeholder initiatives
such as "Buying Value."
National Quality Strategy: Better Care. Healthy People/Healthy Communities. Affordable Care

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