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National Action Plan for Adverse Drug Event Prevention.

Washington, DC: Office of Disease Prevention and Health Promotion, United States Department of Health and Human Services; September 2014.

This national action plan aims to align the efforts of multiple federal programs committed to reducing patient harms related to adverse drug events. The three initial high-priority targets of the action plan areanticoagulantsdiabetes agents, and opioids. These medication classes were chosen due to their common usage and their very high potential to cause clinically significant, preventable, and measurable adverse events. The action plan outlines a four-pronged approach: surveillance, prevention, incentives and oversight, and research. The full report delves into detailed tactics for each of these areas, as well as for the three drug classes. Focusing on specific high-risk drug classes, rather than pursuing the commonly advocated approach of universal drug safety, was also recommended by a recent systematic review of medication errors.

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