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#3 Daily Dose of Patient Safety: Recognize and Report All Patient Safety Events

#3 Daily Dose of Patient Safety: Recognize and Report All Patient Safety Events

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MHS Patient Safety Professionals:

Reporting safety events and near misses in the Joint Patient Safety Reporting (JPSR) system is a critical component of patient safety. By tracking and studying these events, the Military Health System can proactively focus on the processes and systems that failed and make improvements. We can learn how to prevent recurrence and foster a culture of safety with comprehensive data.
Here are examples of events that should be reported in the JPSR:
--Tylenol 650 mg administered to the incorrect patient. The patient reported relief from his headache.
--An unlabeled blood specimen was sent to the lab. The specimen was recollected and results accurately reported two hours later.
--An IV pump was found with dried blood on the base. The pump had just been removed from the clean supply closet. The blood was cleaned prior to use for a patient.
Learn more about patient safety reporting: https://go.usa.gov/xXc2p.
For information on eLearning courses and to earn continuing education credits about the JPSR, please go to https://go.usa.gov/xXc2w

Patient Safety Awareness Week News:                                       
How patient safety savvy are you? Test your patient safety IQ with the Patient Safety Awareness Week Daily Patient Safety Quiz question posted on PSP’s Facebook page at 11 a.m. EDT atfacebook.com/dodpatientsafety
Friendly reminder of webinars happening today you may be interested in. Check out the DoD PSP events calendar at https://go.usa.gov/xXcTK for details.
Do you work in an MTF? Tell us what you’re doing for Patient Safety Awareness Week viaDHA.patientsafety@mail.mil.

If you have questions, please e-mail us at DHA.patientsafety@mail.mil.

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DoD Patient Safety Program Team

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