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NIOSH Research Rounds - March, 2017

NIOSH Research Rounds - March, 2017


NIOSH Research Rounds

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Volume 2, Number 9 (March 2017)

Study Finds Link Between Paid Sick Leave and Children’s Use of Healthcare Services

Many workers probably know that access to sick leave can help prevent the spread of flu and other illnesses at work. In fact, access to paid sick leave could go beyond workers and help improve their children’s use of healthcare services, as well, according to a new study at NIOSH.

Hearing Protection Improves after Earplug Testing

Hearing protection among oil-rig workers improved significantly after they underwent testing for properly fitting earplugs, according to a new study by NIOSH. The researchers reported the findings of their study in the International Journal of Audiology.

Modified "Walk-through" Ladder Tested in Virtual Reality Laboratory

This month is National Ladder Safety Month, but ladder safety is a year-round priority at NIOSH where scientists study how to prevent ladder-related falls. In a new study published in the journal Applied Ergonomics, a “walk-through” ladder was comparable in safety to regular ladders tested in the NIOSH Virtual Reality Laboratory in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Computer Model Predicts Temperature Rise Within Mobile Refuge Alternative in Coal Mines

Mine safety regulations in the United States require a protected and secure space—or mobile refuge alternative—in all underground coal mines. In the event of an explosion or other mining disaster that prevents miners from immediately escaping, refuge alternatives protect miners from exposure to carbon monoxide and other toxic gases by providing breathable air and a safe environment for 96 hours. We recently asked Lincan Yan, a scientist at NIOSH and lead author of a study in this area, about new results published in the Journal of Thermal Science and Engineering Applications. Working with an industry partner, Yan’s team tested the rate of temperature rise within a refuge alternative at the NIOSH Safety Research Coal Mine and Experimental Mine in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. This four-mile underground mine provides a controlled and safe environment for testing new safety and health interventions for coal miners.

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