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The most popular stories of 2013 on BioEdge


The star performer in bioethics in 2014 was clearly Belgium. At least readers of BioEdge thought so. Of the ten hottest stories we published this year, three were about euthanasia there. Here's the complete list of our ten most popular stories.
1. "In vitro eugenics" is coming, predicts Australian bioethicist   
Taking a peek into the future, Robert Sparrow, of Monash University, says that it will be possible to use stem cell technology to breed better humans in a Petri dish.
2. Belgian twins euthanased because they "had nothing to live for"   
In a case which has attracted world attention, Belgian doctors have announced that a fortnight before Christmas they euthanased 45-year-old deaf identical twins who were going blind and thought that they had nothing to live for.
3. Belgian euthanased after botched sex-change operation   
A Belgian has undergone euthanasia because of "unbearable psychological suffering" after a botched sex-change operation.
4. Are IVF clinics hiding the risks of PGD from parents?   
American couples who have pre-implantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) done on their embryos are almost never informed of the potential risks of the procedure, a Wellesley College biologist claims in the Journal of Medical Ethics.
5. Another speed bump for Belgian euthanasia   
The latest scandal is the euthanasia of a 44-year-old woman because of unbearable mental suffering from anorexia nervosa.
6. UK bioethicists promoting a second wave of eugenics   
Eugenics is alive and well in British academia.
7. One-third of women conceive naturally after IVF   
One in three women who have their first baby through infertility treatment, become pregnant again naturally within two years of their first birth.
8. First drug to help Down syndrome people now being tested     
The first drug to help people with Down syndrome overcome cognitive deficits is being tested on humans, the Swiss pharmaceutical giant Roche has announced.
9. "Frankenstein" organs proposed for human enhancement   
What about creating hybrid organs to enhance the functioning of the human body? Do arguments about chimeras still apply?
10. Survey of Indian surrogacy reveals shocking abuses   
A survey of surrogate mothers and commissioning parents in India deepens suspicions that the US$2 billion industry is deeply exploitative.

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