lunes, 9 de junio de 2014

Genomics|Update|Current: Infectious Diseases


Genomics & Health Impact Update

Infectious Diseases

an infected cell
Actionable diagnosis of neuroleptospirosis by next-generation sequencingExternal Web Site Icon
Wilson M, et al. New England J of Med. 2014 Jun 4
In a first, test of DNA finds root of illness,External Web Site Icon by Carl Zimmer, New York Times, Jun 4
Stratified infection medicine: a call to armsExternal Web Site Icon
Russell C, et al. Lancet Infectious Diseases Vol 14 Iss 1:8-9 2014 Jan 1
Can't get that microbiome out of my head,External Web Site Icon by KK Morgan, Genome Mag, Jun 3

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