martes, 3 de junio de 2014

MMWR Vol. 63 / Early Release

MMWR Vol. 63 / Early Release

MMWR Early Release
Vol. 63, Early Release
June 3, 2014

In this report

Vital Signs: Foodborne Norovirus Outbreaks — United States, 2009–2012
Aron J. Hall, DVM, Mary E. Wikswo, MPH, Kimberly Pringle, MD, et al.
MMWR 2014;63:1–5

Norovirus causes an estimated one in 15 U.S. residents to become ill each year as well as 56,000–71,000 hospitalizations and 570–800 deaths, predominantly among young children and the elderly. CDC analyzed 2009–2012 data on suspected and confirmed norovirus outbreaks reported by state, local, and territorial health departments through the National Outbreak Reporting System (NORS) to characterize the epidemiology of foodborne norovirus outbreaks. This Vital Signs report summarizes that analysis.

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