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Genomics|Update|Current ► More on Epigenetics: Impact on Public Health


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More on Epigenetics: Impact on Public Health

EPI Genetics with DNA
Diverse epigenetic mechanisms of human disease.External Web Site Icon 
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Epigenetics: relevance and implications for public health.External Web Site Icon 
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Epigenetics across the human lifespanExternal Web Site Icon
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Looking beyond our DNA. Horizons in bioscience. Adobe PDF file [PDF 10.63 MB]External Web Site Icon 
The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) (2014)
Fast facts about epigenetics, Adobe PDF file [PDF 537.22 KB]External Web Site Icon from the University of Washington in Seattle
Sperm contains dad’s lifestyle information alongside basic genetic material,External Web Site Icon by Robert Sapolsky, Genetic Literacy Project, Sep 11

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