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MMWR Vol. 61 / No. 53

MMWR Vol. 61 / No. 53

MMWR Weekly
Vol. 61, No. 53
September 19, 2014
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Summary of Notifiable Diseases — United States, 2012 
Deborah A. Adams, Coordinator, Ruth Ann Jajosky, DMD, Umed Ajani, MBBS et al.
MMWR 2014;61:1-121

Health-care providers in the United States are required to report certain infectious 

diseases to a specified state or local authority. A disease is designated as notifiable 

if timely information about individual cases is considered necessary for prevention 

and control of the disease. Each year, CDC publishes a summary of the cases of 

notifiable disease reported for the most recent year for which data is available. This 

report presents a summary of notifiable diseases for 2012.

MMWR Vol. 61 / No. 53

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