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CDC Grand Rounds Video and Presentation Slides

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The video and presentation slides from the December session of CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds, “Advanced Molecular Detection for Improving Public’s Health” held on Tuesday, December 3 are now available at http://www.cdc.gov/about/grand-rounds/archives/2013/december2013.htm.

Advances in science and technology aimed at identifying the genetic makeup of microorganisms will build CDC’s capacity to prevent illness and save lives. CDC estimates that 1 in 6 Americans—or 48 million people—get sick from contaminated food each year—costing the United States $77 billion per year in health care treatment, workplace, and other economic losses. Additionally, in the United States, the number of outbreaks involving drug-resistant microbes is on the rise. Although they are still highly valuable, CDC’s current methods are limiting our ability for better and more rapid detection of these microbes.

This session of Grand Rounds explored opportunities for CDC to leverage key aspects of the Advanced Molecular Detection (AMD) Initiative, bioinformatics and enhanced molecular tools, such as whole genome sequencing. These will improve our ability to diagnose and identify infectious diseases, investigate and control outbreaks, understand transmission patterns, develop and target vaccines, and determine antimicrobial resistance—all with increased timeliness, accuracy and decreased costs.

Continuing Education
Continuing education for Grand Rounds is available and ALL Continuing Education for Grand Rounds are issued online through the CDC/ATSDR Training & Continuing Education Online system. If you have questions, email or call Learner Support at 1-800-418-7246 (1-800-41TRAIN).

Learn more about continuing education on the Grand Rounds website.

Future Grand Rounds Topics
December- Community Water Fluoridation
January- Measuring Science Impact

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