viernes, 21 de febrero de 2014

A Safer World: Prevention, Detection, & Response |

A Safer World: Prevention, Detection, & Response |
Dept. of Health & Human Services
Last week, we came together at the Global Health Security Agenda in the belief that everyone deserves the basic human dignity of being protected from infectious disease.
Our world is connected in ways previously unimagined or foreseen.  This greater connectedness brings with it both new vulnerabilities and new opportunities.
The Global Health Security Agenda is framed around three primary strategies:
  1. Enhanced prevention
  2. More robust detection
  3. More effective response
Working together across 30 countries, we can protect at least 4 billion global citizens within the next five years.  And our vision is for all people in all countries to be effectively protected against the threats posed by infectious disease.

    Ridding the world of infectious diseases is not a small goal.  There are few simple solutions and no magic cures, but we can’t afford the cost of defeat—economically, socially, or in the devastating loss of lives. With prevention, detection, and effective response, we can build a safer world.

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