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More options, for less

The White House Wed., September 25, 2013
  More options, for less
Something big is happening next week:
Starting on October 1st, the Health Insurance Marketplace -- a simple and affordable way to get coverage as part of the Affordable Care Act -- will be open for business.
A new report shows that the Marketplace will give uninsured Americans access to affordable health insurance -- and finds that average premiums are even lower than experts initially projected. For instance:
  • A working family making $50,000 a year can get health insurance for less than $100/month.
  • A 27 year-old making $25,000 a year could get coverage for an average of $93 a month.
We mapped out the choices and premiums that will be available for 36 states -- find out what's going to be available to you in your state.
Check out your state's health insurance options.
Don't see information for where you live? Be sure to check HealthCare.gov on October 1st to get complete information on your state.
P.S. -- Tomorrow at 10:55 a.m. ET, President Obama will talk about why access to affordable health insurance is so important. You can watch it here.
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