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Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology


Reviews & Commentaries on Science & Technology

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Rare-disease genetics in the era of next-generation sequencing: discovery to translationExternal Web Site Icon
Boycott K, et al.  Nat Reviews Genetics 2013 Sep 3
The costly paradox of health-care technology,External Web Site Icon MIT Technology Review, Sep 5
Collecting data is easy; making sense of it is not,External Web Site Icon The Mermaids Tale, Sep 4
For $9,000, your personal genome sequenced,External Web Site Icon  Carrie Tian, CommonHealth, Aug 27
The ABC’s of Your DNA- ‘Genome: Unlocking Life’s code,’ at the Smithsonian,External Web Site Icon  by E Rosthstein, New York Times, Aug 29 
Genome biology: Not drowning but wavingExternal Web Site Icon
Adrian Bird, Cell, 154;5:951-952 2013 Aug 29
Genetic research: A matter of trust,External Web Site Icon Milwaukee Courier, Aug 30
The promise of poopExternal Web Site Icon
Jop de Vrieze Science, 30 August 2013:  Vol. 341 no. 6149 pp. 954-957

Cancer knows no borders- Unafraid to tackle cancer disparities across races, Olufunmilayo “Funmi” Olopade has demonstrated that genomics research can make a big impact on public health,External Web Site Icon by Megan Scudellari, The Scientist, Aug 1
Data analysis: Today’s next-gen sequencing imperative,External Web Site Icon  John Russell, Genetics and Bioengineering News, Sept 1

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