domingo, 15 de septiembre de 2013

The First REC to Meet its Milestone Goals Comes from The First State! Banner

The First REC to Meet its Milestone Goals Comes from The First State!

As you may have seen earlier this week, the Delaware Regional Extension Center (REC) has met 100% of its milestone 3 target, helping over 1,000 providers meaningfully use their EHRs. This is a hard-fought and commendable goal, but the work continues to help providers throughout Delaware and the nation transform their practices. A special thanks to the Delaware REC team who helped make this major milestone a reality—from Beth Schindele as the fearless leader to the field staff who served as the "boots on the ground" to the practices themselves.

ONC is very proud of Beth and her team and looks forward to continuing to work together. ONC's Regional Extension Director Kimberly Lynch stated, "The Delaware state motto of 'the First State' is fitting also for the Delaware REC, which is the first state to reach their goal of bringing primary care providers, often in small and underserved practices, to meaningful use. Delaware's goal was 1,000 providers, and as of today 1,116 have demonstrated meaningful use in partnership with the REC. We look forward to the next chapter as the Delaware REC supports physicians, nurses and other providers as they leverage meaningful use and continue transforming their practices to improve patient care."

As we prepare for National Health IT Week next week let’s keep in mind this very important lesson—momentum continues, success is happening, and patients continue to be at the center of care. Thanks to all of the Regional Extension Centers and the providers they serve for their continued partnership as we move onward and upward together to improve patient care.

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