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Introducing the Spring 2014 HIT Fellows Class

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Introducing the Spring 2014 HIT Fellows Class

We are proud to announce the selection of 15 provider and administrator champions to join the Health IT Fellows Program! This class will increase the HIT Fellows program's ranks to 50 provider and administrator champions from 28 states! More information on these 15 new HIT Fellows, including bios and stories of how they are leveraging meaningful use to deliver better patient care, will be found on Healthit.gov in the coming weeks.

The Spring 2014 HIT Fellows are:
  • Colin Banas, MD, of Richmond, Virginia
  • Becky Blevins of Stanford, KY
  • Kacey Bolton, RN, of London, KY
  • Sandra Brown of Pine Bluff, AR
  • Timothy Burdick, MD, of Scappoose, OR
  • Jacqueline Delmont, MD, of Freeport, NY
  • Frank Floyd, MD, of Johnson City, NY
  • James Gould, MD, of Paducah, KY
  • Chad Jensen of Anchorage, AK
  • Sarah Churchill Llamas, JD, of Austin, TX
  • Peggy Patch of Davenport, IA
  • Michele Reed, MD of Rosedale, NY
  • Margot Savoy, MD, of Wilmington, DE
  • James Spillane of Anchorage, AK
  • Jo Lynne Varner of Little Rock, AR
United States map showing Health IT fellows
We will continue to build upon our success, watching the new and current Health IT Fellows continue to progress in their practices, communities and nationally as they leverage health IT in helping to keep patients at the center of care. We will continue to keep you updated on the HIT Fellows progress throughout 2014!

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