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New This Week on HealthIT.gov

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                       New This Week on HealthIT.gov

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Happy Labor Day Weekend! We are going to be brief this week because we know you’re busy gathering your barbeque supplies.

Behavioral Empowerment Challenge

For those of you in developer land, we wanted to mention the upcoming deadline to throw your hat in the ring for the Behavioral Health Patient Empowerment Challenge – It’s Tuesday, Sept. 3. Here's the deal, we are working with the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration to "highlight existing technologies that empower consumers to manage their mental health and/or substance use disorders," writes Adam Wong, our app challenge chief, in our blog post about the challenge. So please take a look and good luck to those already in the challenge.

New Attestation Data

Again, on the wonky side, we have uploaded the latest Meaningful Use attestation files on HealthIT.gov for those who want to download the datasets. The data is housed on our "What is Meaningful Use" webpage, so take a look. There is also a new factsheet that we posted on the page.


Coming up Sept. 16, we are planning our Consumer Summit here in Washington and #HealthIT4U is the hashtag to follow along with theconversation on Twitter. Unfortunately, the in-person event filled up, so you can’t RSVP to attend. You can, however, follow the action from home by checking out the link above. Also, the hashtag for National Health IT week is #NHITweek.

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