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LSPPPO|ABCs to Public Health|Home

LSPPPO|ABCs to Public Health|Home

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ABCs to Public Health

Welcome to the ABCs of Public Health- CDC’s educational website on laboratory science for teachers and students.
CDC’s mission depends critically on laboratory testing- not only in our laboratories, but in the many public health laboratories throughout the U.S. These laboratories in turn depend upon testing done in hospitals and laboratories of all kinds. None of this can happen without the skilled and careful work of thousands of laboratory scientists, technologists and technicians.
There are many career opportunities in these laboratories and there is no doubt that the need will continue to grow. We invite you to learn about these laboratories and the heroes who staff them, all working to protect our health.
This website contains five teaching portals — one each for elementary, middle school, high school, college and teachers.  Each portal hosts a wide range of information to web links and videos on laboratory science.  This new educational tool will:
  • Raise awareness about the world of laboratory science for both students and teachers
  • Stimulate interest in students on the variety of laboratory science career opportunities available to them
  • Provide teachers with resources to introduce more laboratory science topics and discussion in the classrooms

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