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Specimen Repository

The CDC and ATSDR Specimen Packaging, Inventory and Repository (CASPIR) has a critical stewardship role in safeguarding the biological collections it holds that are vital to the agency’s mission, enabling CDC to make evidence-based decisions that address a wide spectrum of health threats, including, for example, epidemic response and identification of new and emerging diseases and environmental threats.  The agency similarly has responsibility to make specimens available to support extramural research in a myriad of biomedical domains. 

specimen repositoryKey functions and Activities

  • Manage CASPIR, which was created in 1997 to provide a secure environment for the storage and management of specimen collections (e.g., sera, cells, tissue, isolates, etc.).  The facility currently manages over 6 million repository samples, such as novel influenza, SARS, and anthrax, collected from agency studies, outbreaks, and research projects. 
  • Facilitate sharing scientific collections and their data in compliance with Section 104 of the America Competes Act of 2010.
  • Provide laboratory facilities and support for handling of specimens to be safely delivered to investigators. 

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