viernes, 1 de noviembre de 2013

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Yes, it is November already and we are just about to enter the holiday period, so get out there and buy an EHR for your neighborhood family physician. If she doesn’t already have one, I’m sure she will appreciate it!
HIT can Help Family Caregivers
We wanted to shout out to all the caregivers who are using Health IT to help care for their loved ones by shining a light on National Family Caregiver's Month, which begins today. The number of Americans caring for a loved one increases every year and — according to the Caregiver Action network — an estimated 90 million people in the U.S. are family caregivers. Health IT provides a great tool to help caregivers coordinate and manage the care of their loved one. Check out our information sheet on how Health Information Technology is engaging caregivers and patients in improving their health.
Update to a Meaningful Use Data Set definition
Today, the Federal Register put on display a new interim final rule from ONC that revises paragraph (15) of the Common MU Data Set definition. This revision will allow EHR technology that has been primarily developed for dental settings to be tested and certified solely to the Current Dental Terminology (CDT) standard when it comes to representing “procedures” data.
The National Learning Consortium
The National Learning Consortium (NLC) represents a collective body of knowledge and resources designed to support providers and professionals working towards the implementation, adoption, and meaningful use of certified EHR systems. Find resources and learn more about this consortium to support health care providers and Health IT professionals.
Quarterly Monitoring Report
The ONC researchers were nice enough to collate recent reports and policy memos that touch on Health IT, so take a look, when you get a chance.
Help us make CQMs better
Finally, we are using a new method to get your views on the latest meaningful use clinical quality measures. Kevin Larsen of our Office of the Chief Medical Officer has penned a blog about the method, called lean. “Many US industries have found considerable improvement in their products and efficiency by applying a lean manufacturing approach, which we are trying to mirror in the development of new CQMs,” Larsen wrote in a new blog published Thursday. Take a look.

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