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Updated NHLBI Funding and Award Policies

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Funding and Award Policies

The FY2014 NHLBI Funding and Operating Guidelines (FOG) have been published and can be found on the NHLBI Internet at http://www.nhlbi.nih.gov/funding/policies/operguid.htm.
We would like to highlight some changes that have been made to the FY2014 FOG:
- The NHLBI commitment to Early Stage Investigators (ESIs) is now prominently featured within our FOG policy (under the “Early Stage Investigators” section), rather than as a link to a separate policy page.
- The FOG also reflects the following changes in funding advantage consideration for first competing renewals of awarded NHLBI ESI applications:
  • Seven years are allowed between the project start date and the receipt date of the first Type 2 application. Previously, there was no time limit.
  • Funding advantage for first competing renewal for New Investigators (NIs) who were not ESIs has been eliminated. Previously, NIs who were not ESIs and who were funded before FY2010 remained eligible for special funding consideration.
  • Being a subproject director is no longer a disqualifier for funding advantage.

Please be aware that the NHLBI is no longer accepting investigator-initiated Resource-Related Research Projects Applications (R24). 

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