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EATG - European AIDS Treatment Group - Capacity Building

EATG - European AIDS Treatment Group - Capacity Building

AIDS and Mobility 

The original AIDS and Mobility project was launched in 1992 with the purpose to provide HIV and AIDS prevention, care and support to migrants and mobile populations across Europe. In 2008-2011, The European AIDS Treatment Group par-took in the initiative and introduced new component to its structure - HIV prevention. A total of 116 professionals in Turkey, Italy, Estonia, Denmark, the UK and Germany pooled their efforts during their work with migrant communities using capacity building through the concept of "transcultural mediator"  to reduce HIV risk infection. These educators delivered trainings to their local communities relying on the following approaches:

 - peer-based approach - utilizing social status of of a trainer who employs his/her familiarity and connections with the local culture and generates trust and respect among target group;

 - linguistic approach - delivering information in the language of the key population, thereby ensuring that the information flow goes uninterrupted and without improper comprehensions;

 - culturally appropriate approach - conducting training modules in a manner that is culturally and socially appropriate and corresponds to the norms and values of the key population. The aim is to encourage honest and open discussions while maintaining and respecting cultural sensitivity;

 - setting-based approach - recognizing not only the target group but also the environment, in which the group cohabits. This meas adopting and taking advantage of opportunities that are offered by the "setting" to communicate the message (for instance, local radio, newspapers, places of worship, etc).

For your convenience, the European AIDS Treatment Group has uploaded the English version of "Master Toolkit: Guiding Document. How to Use the AIDS&Mobility Europe Master Toolkit." It contains all relevant information about the project. Upon request, the manuals are available in Albanian, Arabic, Danish, Farsi, French, German, Italian, Kurmanci, Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Somalian, Spanish, Turkish, and Urdu languages.

Further information about the project can be obtained by contacting Oleksandr Martynenko: oleksandr.martynenko[at] eatg. org or by visiting AIDS&Mobility webpage.

Master Toolkit Guiding Document in English.pdf (5.48) MB 

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