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EATG - European AIDS Treatment Group - Capacity Building

EATG - European AIDS Treatment Group - Capacity Building

CoBaSys – Community based system in HIV treatment 

Cobasys is a 3-year project funded by the African, Caribbean and Pacific Science and Technology Programme. The EATG will contribute to the development and adoption of a system of community based health care in fighting HIV/AIDS by sharing experiences, participating in training development and exchange of training materials.

The overall objective of the project CoBaSys is to strengthen the integration of the Southern and Eastern African countries into the European science and technology (S&T) framework, focusing specifically on programmes for quality health care with special attention to community based and patient centred approaches to HIV treatment.

The main specific objective of the project is the development of stable cooperative networks promoting quality health care system in the field of HIV treatment. At this regard the project focus mainly on community approach and participatory method using these methodologies both at community level and at a wider regional level.

With regard to this the project specific objectives are:

- To empower local communities in their fight against HIV/AIDS. Through participatory research and action programme within the identified target areas, it will be possible to identify and review current experiences, perceptions, determinants and proposals for intervention in the provision and uptake of community based, patient centred treatment for HIV and AIDS;

- To generate evidence from target areas with high rates of HIV infection supporting learning on community based and patient centred approaches to HIV treatment from target areas with high endemic HIV infection;

- To set up a stable regional network where the feedback coming from the target areas will be discussed;

- To share pre-existing knowledge as well as knowledge generated by the project via conferences and workshops and presenting the state of the art and the prospects for international cooperation in the field of quality health care policies concerning HIV/AIDS treatment;

- To favour local stakeholders advocacy towards national health policies concerning HIV/AIDS treatment;

- To generate shared learning on HIV/AIDS treatment at the level of national policies and programmes related;

- To demonstrate mutual interest and benefit in scientific cooperation on HIV/AIDS at Euro-African level.

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