lunes, 8 de mayo de 2017

Celebrate National Nurses Week 2017

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womens health alert - fda office of womens health

Celebrate National Nurses Week

This National Nurses Week, FDA Office of Women’s Health would like to thank you for your service and dedication to women’s health. Together, we are able to provide women and their families with resources to help keep them healthy and safe. We encourage you to look to us for resources to help you and your patients lead healthier lives.

Take time to care for others.
FDA has resources to help you empower your patients to make informed decisions about FDA-regulated products. Use our fact sheets, videos and other resources in your clinical services and outreach.
Have you ever referred your patients to a pregnancy registry or a clinical trial? Enrolling your patients in either a pregnancy registry or clinical trial can help improve safety information for medicines. Learn more about pregnancy registries and clinical trials.

Take time to care for yourself.
With long hours and continuous hard work, as a healthcare professional, it may be difficult to keep your mind, body, and spirit balanced. This National Nurses Week, commit to taking time to care for yourself with our tips on topics ranging from heart health and contraception to safe medication use and healthy aging.

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