martes, 16 de mayo de 2017

Your colleagues have registered for the May 31-June 1 FDA Science Forum. Have you?

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FDA Scientists Conducting Research
FDA's 2017 Science Forum
When: May 31-June 1 2017
Where: FDA White Oak Campus, Silver Spring Maryland
Join industry thought leaders, fellow academics, patient advocates, and sister government agencies at FDA's 2017 Science Forum!
3 Reasons You Can't Miss FDA's 2017 Science Forum!
You'll Learn:
1. About FDA's cutting-edge research in 3D Printing, Nanotech, Omics Technologies, Biomarkers, Next-Gen Sequencing and more.....
2. How FDA applies this new science and technology in its regulatory decision-making
3. How YOU can collaborate with FDA on innovating food safety and biomedicine.

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