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EID -CDC ► August 2013 issue now online ► Volume 19, Number 8–August 2013

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Table of Contents
Volume 19, Number 8–August 2013

Recently Identified Novel Human Astroviruses in Children with Diarrhea, China
Y. Wang et al.
Call to Action for Dengue Vaccine Failure
S. Mahalingam et al.
Novel Norovirus GII.4 Variant, Shanghai, China, 2012
Z. Shen et al.
Human Deaths and Third-Generation Cephalosporin Use in Poultry, Europe
P. Collignon et al.
Autochthonous Human Schistosomiasis, Malaysia
B. Latif et al.
Asian Musk Shrew as a Reservoir of Rat Hepatitis E Virus, China
D. Guan et al.
No Evidence for Hepatitis E Virus Genotype 3 Susceptibility in Rats
T. Li et al.
Fatal Case of Enterovirus 71 Infection and Rituximab Therapy, France, 2012
S. Kassab et al.
Norovirus Variant GII.4/Sydney/2012, Bangladesh
M. Rahman et al.
Norovirus GII.4/Sydney/2012 in Italy, Winter 2012–2013
G. M. Giammanco et al.
Group C Betacoronavirus in Bat Guano Fertilizer, Thailand
S. Wacharapluesadee et al.
Serologic Survey of Plague in Animals, Western Iran
S. Esamaeili et al.

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