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Cancer Genomics & Precision Medicine: Public Health Impact

cancer cels
Genomics and the continuum of cancer careExternal Web Site Icon
Ultan McDermott, et al. New Engl J Med 2011
Preparing for precision medicineExternal Web Site Icon
Reza Mirnezami et al. New Engl J Med 2012
The beginning of the end of the beginning in cancer genomics. Adobe PDF file [PDF 125.48 KB]External Web Site Icon
David P. Steensma. New Engl J Med 2013
The Cancer Genome Atlas,External Web Site Icon NCI
Impact of cancer genomics on precision medicine for the treatment of cancer,External Web Site Icon NCI
The link between TCGA and personalized cancer therapies,External Web Site Icon  Video
Signatures of mutational processes in human cancer.External Web Site Icon
Alexandrov LB, et al. Nature. 2013 Aug 14.
Genetic signatures reveal common cancer processes,External Web Site Icon  by Dr Philippa Brice, PHG Foundation, Aug 15
An unlikely cure signals new hope for cancer medicine: How “exceptional responders” are revolutionizing treatment for the deadly disease.External Web Site Icon By Kat McGowan, Nautilus Blog
‘The Philadelphia chromosome: A mutant gene and the quest to cure cancer at the genetic level’ by Jessica Wapner,External Web Site Icon Peter Klass, Washington Post, Aug 16
Whole-exome sequencing of NCI-60 cell line panel provides genomic resource for cancer biology and pharmacology,External Web Site Icon The ASCO Post, Aug 15


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