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Presentation: Preventing Adverse Health Effects from Nanotechnology

PHGR: Nanotechnology

Presentation: Preventing Adverse Health Effects from Nanotechnology

Thursday, April 15, 2010
(Rebroadcast on August 20, 2013)
Nanotechnology is the science of developing materials at the atomic, molecular or micro-molecular level. From smartphones to skincare, there are currently over 1,000 commercial products containing nanomaterials, with applications as far ranging as the fields of medicine, engineering, electronics and energy production.
This session of Public Health Grand Rounds focused on the current state of knowledge in nanotechnology and discussed concerns about the harmful impact that exposure to some nanomaterials may have on humans and the environment.


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Dr. John Iskander and Dr. Paul Schulte discuss the emergence of nanotechnology from science fiction to real life:


Paul A. Schulte, PhD, Manager of the Nanotechnology Research
Center, National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health
Preventing Adverse Health Effects from Nanotechnology
Mark D. Hoover, PhD, CHP, CIH, Senior Research Scientist, NIOSH
Public Health Applications of Nanotechnology
Sally Tinkle, PhD, Senior Science Advisor, National Institute
of Environmental Health Sciences, National Institutes of Health
NIH: Harnessing the Power of Nanotechnology for Human Health
Vincent Castranova, PhD, Chief of Pathology and Physiology
Research Branch, Health Effects Laboratory Division, NIOSH
Methodological Challenges for Characterizing the Hazards
of Nanomaterials through Toxicological Research
Kristen Kulinowski, PhD, Executive Director, Center of Biological
and Environmental Nanotechnology; Director, International
Council on Nanotechonology; Faculty Fellow in Chemistry,
Rice University
Global Efforts on Preventing Occupational and Environmental
Hazards from Nanotechnology
William D. Hunt, PhD, Professor, School of Electrical and
Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
Nanotechnology at Georgia Tech: Forging the Small

Facilitated by:

Tanja Popovic, MD, PhD, scientific director, Public Health Grand Rounds
John Iskander, MD, MPH, deputy scientific director, Public Health Grand Rounds
Susan Laird, MSN, RN, communications manager, Public Health Grand Rounds

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