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CDER Small Business Chronicles – Communicating with CDER

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FDA/CDER Small Business Chronicles – Communicating with CDER
The topic of this month’s issue of the FDA/CDER Small Business Chronicles is Communicating with CDER. To facilitate the conduct of efficient and effective drug development programs, it is very important for potential drug sponsors to engage with CDER early in the drug development process. This newsletter discusses different avenues of communication that are available for small business to communicate with CDER.  
The purpose of this newsletter, the FDA/CDER Small Business Chronicles, is to provide industry with useful information to assist in all aspects of drug marketing and regulation.  
As always, we would appreciate your input regarding topics that you would like us to write about. If you have topics of interest, please email us at CDERSmallBusiness@fda.hhs.gov. 

Our previous newsletters are also archived on our webpage at: http://www.fda.gov/cdersmallbusinesschronicles.

The CDER Small Business Assistance Team

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