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PHGR | Combating Resistance: Getting Smart About Antibiotics

PHGR | Combating Resistance: Getting Smart About Antibiotics

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The video and presentation slides from the November session of CDC’s Public Health Grand Rounds, Combating Resistance: Getting Smart About Antibiotics, held on Tuesday, November 19 are now available at
Antibiotics are the most important tool we have to combat life-threatening bacterial diseases, but antibiotic use, especially when not needed, has unintended consequences. Antibiotic resistance is becoming an increasingly common problem, resulting in over 2 million illnesses and 23,000 deaths each year and costing $30 billion in the United States annually.

This session of Grand Rounds explored how improved prescribing practices and policies can not only help reduce rates of antibiotic resistance, but also improve individual patient outcomes. The session also provided insight into which interventions, such as patient and provider education and, clinical decision support, will be key in reaching the goal of reducing unnecessary antibiotic use.

Future Grand Rounds topics include advanced molecular detection (AMD) and community water fluoridation.

Continuing Education
Continuing education for Grand Rounds is available and ALL Continuing Education for Grand Rounds are issued online through the CDC/ATSDR Training & Continuing Education Online system. If you have questions, email or call Learner Support at 1-800-418-7246 (1-800-41TRAIN).
Learn more about continuing education on the Grand Rounds website.

Future Grand Rounds Topics
December- Advanced Molecular Detection
December- Community Water Fluoridation
January- Measuring Science Impact

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